1. The Application

1.1 Welcome to Splitr (the 'Application'), which is operated by Greyline International Pty Ltd (ACN 607 504 487) trading as Splitr. (us, we, our)

2. Introduction

2.1 Your use of the Application is governed by our Terms & Conditions (Terms), Privacy Policy and these Fees & Transactions Terms & Conditions (Fees & Transactions Terms). It is also governed by the terms and conditions and policies, including the Privacy Policy, of our payments service provider, Stripe Payments Australia Pty Ltd (Stripe), which can be found on its website at https://stripe.com/au/legal. By using the Application you agree to be bound bythe Terms and the Fees & Transactions Terms, including the terms & conditions and policies of Stripe.

2.2 These Fees & Transactions Terms should be read in conjunction with the Terms as the Terms apply in respect of these Fees & Transactions Terms. If there is any inconsistency between the two, these Fees & Transactions Terms prevail.

2.3 We may at any time change, add or remove any part of these Fees &Transactions Terms by posting amended Fees &Transactions Terms on our website and in the Application. Likewise, Stripe may at any time change, add or remove any part of its terms & conditions and/or Privacy Policy and we encourage you to regularly check their website. If any modification is unacceptable to you, you should stop using the Application. Unless otherwise specifically set forth in the amended Fees &Transactions Terms, all changes will be effective upon the date the amendments are published on the Application. Your continued use of the Application constitutes binding acceptance of all amendments, including those of Stripe. It is your responsibility to frequently check and review the Terms of the Application (including the Fees & Transactions Terms and the terms & conditions of Stripe) so as to be aware of the most current Terms.

3. Definitions

Account is the personal account of a Registered User, as verified, activated, approved or otherwise by Stripe.

Charge means a credit or debit instruction with respect to funds in an Eligible bank account or Financial Institution.

Credit Card is a card issued by a Financial Institution to the Registered User or Recipient, enabling that person to pay for goods and services, including by way of a short term loan.

Credit Card Details are the details of a valid Credit Card or debit card issued to you by an Financial Institution required to facilitate payments within the Application

Eligible bank account is the Registered User’s account with an Australian deposit taking institution that can be selected as the account to receive money via the Application.

Financial Institution is an institution regulated by APRA or ASIC that is authorised to issue your Credit Card and/or is the authorised deposit taking institution at which you have your Eligible Bank Account (as appropriate).

Loss means any claim, loss, liability, damage, charge, compensation, fine, penalty, payment, outgoings, cost or expense (including legal expenses on a full indemnity basis and costs of investigation, litigation, settlement, judgment, appeal, interest and penalties) of any nature or kind, however it arises and whether it is present or future, fixed or unascertained, actual or contingent.

mobile device means an iOS or Android device owned or exclusively used by a Registered User or Recipient onto which the Application has been downloaded.

A Registered User is an account holder within the Application who has installed the Application onto their mobile device and completed registration.

Payment is the satisfaction of a Payment Request by transferring money from an Eligible Bank Account or by way of a Credit Card.

Payment Request is a request by a Registered User to a Recipient requesting a payment or reimbursement.

Personal Details means your legal name, user name, a valid email address, principal place of residence, DOB, mobile telephone number and password, and such other details as requested by us to provide you with the Services.

Recipient is a person that receives a Payment Request from a Registered User, who themselves may be a Registered User or not.

Reversal means an instruction initiated by a Financial Institution to us to return funds to a Registered User or some other person. Reversals may result from (i) invalidation of a Charge or a chargeback or some other actioninstituted by a Financial Institution; (ii) funds settled to you in error or without authorisation; and (iii) submission of a Charge or request in violation of the Terms; (iv) a breach of the terms and conditions of Stripe; or(v) where your use of Services violates any law.

Services means (a) calculating an individuals item(s) of sale within an expenses and/or bill; (b) the sale of items, notification, tracking of payments and payment requests; and (c) providing a way to make Payments to and accepting Payments from third parties.

Stripe means Stripe Payments Australia Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 160 180 343).

4. Fees & Charges

4.1 Any fees and charges that usually apply when making payments through your Financial Institution will apply to transactions made via the Application. In addition, we charge a Fee of 1.25% and a credit processing fee of $1.75% + 30c on all Credit Card Charges.

4.2 Any rejection or dishonouring of a Payment (including but not limited to a Reversal or as a result of some action taken by or on behalf of a Recipient) will incur a fee levied on the Registered User that initiated the relevant Payment Request of $AU25.00.You consent to us charging your Eligible Bank Account or Credit Card this Fee in these circumstances.

4.3 If we suffer Loss as a result of a Reversal, we reserve the right to recover those costs against the Registered User, or such other person that we deem appropriate and responsible for the Loss, including by taking the action referred to in clause 7.7.

4.4 Registered Users and Recipients may also be charged by their mobile service provider for downloading and using the Application. Any fees, costs and charges are the User's sole responsibility and matters related to these charges should be raised with your mobile service provider or Financial Institution (as appropriate).

5. Processing Payments

5.1 All Payments through the Application or in respect of the Services are undertaken on our behalf by Stripe. In using the Application, the Services or when making any Payment, you warrant that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by Stripe terms and conditions in place at the time, which are available on its website.

6. Updating Information

6.1 It is your responsibility to provide correct information in respect of and update where required, your Credit Card Details and details of an Eligible Bank Account within the Application. You are also responsible for ensuring that a Payment Request is accurate, appropriate and acceptable to a Recipient.

6.2 We will not be liable for any Loss in respect of details that are inaccurate and/or not current, or for any matter in respect of a Payment Request or Payment.

7. Refund Claims & Reversals


7.1 We will refund any Payment and the Fees associated with that Payment only if a Payment is the subject of our error or an error of the Application, such as if we accidentally process a Payment twice or if we credit a Payment inconsistently with your instructions in place at the time of the Payment. Our Fees will be payable when we correct any error referred to in this clause 7.1

7.2 Other than in the circumstances set out in clause 7.1, we will only provide a refund of our Fees if we are unable to provide the Services, such refund to be processed within 48 hours of being requested to do so.

7.3 If you consider that you have a right to claim a refund from us, you may lodge a refund request at support@splitr-app.com , providing us with full and frank disclosure of all circumstances in relation to the refund request.

7.4 Where we determine that a refund should be provided (either in whole or in part), we will effect process that refund within 48 hours of making the determination. Any determination is in our sole discretion.


7.5 Nothing in these Fees & Transactions Terms affect your rights in respect of making a claim with your Financial Institution for a Reversal.

7.6 We shall consider all Reversals and do such things and take such action as we deem appropriate in our sole discretion.

7.7 Registered Users acknowledge that they are liable to us for the Fees calculated on a Payment even if that Payment is the subject of a Reversal or is later invalidated for any reason. If a Payment is the subject of a Reversal or repayment of any kind, the Registered User must reimburse or pay to us the amount of Fees calculated in respect of the affected Payment (+ the fee set out in clause 4.2) (Reversal Fee) and you agree that we may debit your Credit Card or Authorised Bank Account (as appropriate) for the Reversal Fee within 7 days of the Reversal being effected, or take such other action as is appropriate.