Splitr app being used to split bills that are printed and itemised

Take a photo of the bill

One person pays the bill- utitilies bills, grocery shopping or gifts! Splitr works on printed itemised receipts. They take a photo of the items and amounts as best they can. Splitr can also load photos from your gallery if you want to deal with the bill later.

Splitr's OCR engine and machine learning algorithms will quickly calculate the total of the bill, the items on the bill and their individual costs. While its smart, our algorithms aren't perfect, and you may need to resize the area to increase the accuracy of the scan.

Adding friends, colleagues, roommates from phone contacts with Splitr app

Add people to split it with

Select your friends, roommates, and colleagues who you'd like to split the bill with from your phone contacts or Facebook. If you don't have their contact details, because your girlfriends work buddy Greg showed up, don’t worry - simply type in their phone number and Splitr will text them!

Splitr app splitting the bill evenly or by assigning people to items they bought

Split evenly or assign items

Split the bill anyway you want! Splitr calculates the amount each person pays. Its most common to split it evenly, but Splitr lets you assign items to people so that everyone can feel assured they paid their fair share- no more arguments over who drank the wine or didn't eat the garlic bread!

Paying and tracking paid bills split using spltir app

Request, track, pay and receive payment

Check the total and each person’s items and send out the request for payment! We've got a secure payments system built into Splitr so your friends can immediately pay you for their items. If they don't have the app yet, you might need to chase them, but don't worry - we will text them with the details of the payment they owe, and how to download the app. If someone decided to pay cash, not a worry either, simply mark them as paid in the payments screen.

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