Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take a photo of the bill?

Yes - Splitr relies on a quality photo to perform optical character recognition (OCR). This also helps us know that you did in fact make a purchase, and ,are now going to share that purchase with your friends, colleagues or roommates

Does Splitr work on handwritten bills?

No, our app does not work with handwritten or mixed (some parts typed, or stamped and some parts handwritten) format bills.

I can't seem to remove all the subtotals and totals on my receipt from the photo?

Almost every receipt we've seen is different and any items you buy will also change the layout and text in a bill - so don't worry! When taking your photo line up the items and costs as best you can within the photo box and with the grid. Then use the box on the next page to crop the bill so that it can scan the items for you

My split didn't scan properly - what can I do?

Our app uses advanced machine learning and OCR algorithms that enable us to read the line items on your bill and split the bill with friends, but even our app isn't perfect (yet!). The accuracy of our split relies on a few steps that you can watch out for to help improve your bill splitting.

  • The quality of the photo Taking a clear, well-lit image is the best way to improve Splitr's accuracy on a bill. Try using the torch function to remove shadows, ensuring that your camera is directly over the receipt and twisted or in landscape mode when you take the photo, and that you've got a steady hand will help a lot with splitting the bill
  • Line items and costs When moving the splitr box, make sure that you only select the line items and their costs. Selecting the totals, GST, or the lines that separate parts of the bill may impact the accuracy of the bill total. Try to avoid these where possible. In some cases, it might not be possible where there are sub-totals for food and beverages.
  • Edit the total If the total is still not correct (it happens!) make sure that you edit the total of the bill before you begin splitting it. This screen also lets you add a tip and a surcharges that may not have been included on the items and costs breakdown.
  • Edit the individual items If you are planning on splitting the bill by assigning individual items to people, then you can edit the scan. This helps us as it feeds directly into our machine learning algorithms and improves the overall experience for everyone.

Can I do a split that is uneven?

Yes. Splitr lets you split the bill at the item level. Within the app, select "we need to assign", edit any items that are incorrect, and then drag and drop your friends onto line items, and, even if there is more than one item (e.g. 3x Beers) you can simply drag a mate on twice!

How do I add people to a split who don't have the app

Easy! If they are in your contacts, simply add them to the bill. Don't have their contact? Don't worry- if you grab their phone number you can then add them to a split. When the bill is split, Splitr will send them a text and record that they need to pay you. They will then receive instructions on how to download the app and they can sign up, register a credit card and pay you then and there. If they don't get the app- we will send them reminders that they haven't paid you until you cash them out.

My roommate hasn't paid electricity... again... can I remind them?

Yes. You can send reminders to people you have split a bill with by going into the "pay a bill" tab and selecting "split by me". Here you can remind people that they haven't paid you for their share yet. We also periodically remind people of their splits on your behalf.

My friend wants to give me cash -what do I do?

No worries. If people who you are splitting the bill with want to pay you cash, then you collect the cash and mark them as paid. Select the "pay a bill" tab and "split by me". Select the person who has paid you cash, and mark them as paid by clicking on their profile photo. They will no longer receive reminder notifications and your records will show them as paid.

Why do you need my bank account details?

As you will be receiving payment from your friends because you've split a bill with them, you'll need somewhere to put it! At the moment, we support transfers to Australian Bank accounts. Splitr only ever deposits money into your account and does not withdraw. If you see transaction that you think is suspicious please read our Fees and Transactions terms and get in contact with us immediately at

Splitr won't accept my cards or payment?

There are few reasons why Splitr may not have accepted your card. Primarily - its because we only accept Australian Visa, Mastercard and bank accounts. We're working on enabling multiple cards per account, bank to bank transfers and American Express at the moment, but again only for Australians. The next reason is due to our stringent fraud protection systems - if you believe that your card has been identified incorrectly fraudulent or your payments are not going through please email us at

What countries and currencies are supported?

Each region of the world has it's own requirements for personal information, banking regulations and privacy and we are slowing moving to a global system but it will be country by country. At present we are only set up to accept payments from Australians in Australian dollars. We want Splitr to be safe, secure and lawful, so please be paitent and follow us on facebook and instagram to see where we roll out next.

I haven't received my money yet?

Splitr takes 2 days to settle the transaction. See our Fees and Transactions Terms

Why do you need my personal information?

Splitr enables you to request, sell and receive payment for individual items or whole bills you've split with your friends, colleagues and roommates. Part of our responsibilities under Australia's Anti money Laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules involves verifying your identity. Collecting DOB and other personal information enables us to automate parts of this process so that you can start using Splitr as soon as you need to pay a bill or collect money from your friends.

We do not use this information for any other purpose, and we take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. Please make sure you have read our privacy policy.

I've found a bug- can i report it?

Of course! We’re constantly improving. If you have found a bug, or have any questions or suggestions for the app please contact us at Splitr's dedicated team of engineers is committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We thrive on feedback and are happy to improve our product based on your suggestions.